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Everything You Need For Your Virtual Tour

You need a virtual tour. Let us help!

You can trust our photographers, tour designers/developers, map illustrators, VR developers, and drone pilots to help guide you through the project and take your virtual tour from concept to reality.

Custom 360° Virtual Tours

Our 360° virtual tours are custom-designed to help you tell your story online.  Every tour is different, so we work with your marketing team to determine what mix of panoramic photos, maps, videos, photo slideshows, text, directions, action links, sounds, and pdf downloads will create the most comprehensive tool for your marketing team.

Our experienced team has created over 500 virtual tours since 2008, so we can handle projects large and small.  Most tours take about 2-3 weeks to complete, and you’ll never pay recurring fees.

explore a demo tour

Every Circlescapes virtual tour features:

  • Awesome photography that looks crisp and clean, even at full-screen size.
  • The ability to spin the panorama in all directions, so you can look up, down and all the way around
  • A custom-designed navigation interface that is branded to match your existing marketing materials and guidelines
  • Ready for computers and mobile devices, so people can explore your venue from anywhere in the world!

Optional add-ons:

  • Clickable “hotspots” that reveal more info or connect two locations
  • Splash screen
  • Virtual tourguide
  • Video clips
  • Background voice-overs
  • Photo slideshows
  • Interactive maps or floor plans
  • Google Maps upload
  • Embedded Viewbook
  • Google analytics
  • Multiple language versions
  • ADA “accessible” version
  • VR Experience for Google Cardboard viewers
  • Hosting of VR Experience apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Virtual tour packages:


$ 99

Per Month
    • Navigation Options — Thumbnail Images, or Dropdown List
    • Text descriptions for each panoramic location
    • Social media sharing links


$ 99

Per Month
    • Navigation options — Interactive Map, Thumbnail Images, or Dropdown List
    • Text descriptions for each panoramic location
    • Social media sharing links
    • All Panoramas linked via directional hotspots
    • 5 included interactive hotspots (slideshow or video clips)

VR Experience

$ 99

Per Month
    • Navigation options — VR Thumbnail Stare + Interactive Map, Thumbnail Images, or Dropdown List
    •  Text descriptions for each panoramic location
    •  Social media sharing links
    •  All Panoramas linked via directional hotspots
    •  5 included interactive hotspots (slideshow or video clips)
    •  Dedicated Google Cardboard VR app
    •  Upload of all panoramas to Google Maps

Interactive Maps

Interactive maps are effective for businesses that don’t need (or are not quite ready for) 360° panoramas.

Rather, we use the photos, videos, and map graphics that you already have in your marketing library. We then create “tourstops” on the map that will show the videos or slideshows. We use a template design, which keeps the price point low.

explore a sample interactive map

Campus Map Illustration

Show your proximity to nearby cities and landmarks
Watercolor maps are painted on canvas
(and you get the original to keep)
Incorporate your branding with a stylized map
Turn your map illustration into an interactive map
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Our campus map illustrators work to create a visually appealing, geographically accurate map that meets your branding guidelines and showcases all the things needed to help you tell your story.

We have a variety of formats to choose from:

  • Watercolor paintings on canvas. You get to keep the original, too.
  • 3D digital maps renderings with perspective
  • 2D digital overhead site-plans
  • Stylized maps with branding incorporated

360° Photography

Stunning 360° photography is what Circlescapes is known for! Our panoramic photographers are experts at making a scene look like your real eye would see it if you were there in person.

We focus on the little things, like:

  • Staging the spaces with people and props to add life, warmth and color
  • Shooting multiple exposures (HDR), so you can see both inside the rooms, and outside the windows
  • Positioning the camera so the main focus of the shot is close by, but there’s also something of interest in every quadrant
  • Ensuring the photo stitching has no seams, warps, or jagged connection points
  • Removing the tripod, so you can look up, down and all the way around

Types of photos we can shoot

Organic Scenes —When people are moving around the camera and we can’t ask them to stop, we will shoot up to 100 shots as people walk by, then combine the best images into one, seamless 360° photo.

Staged Scenes — In controlled environments (like a classroom), we will work with you to stage people doing activities all around the camera, When the camera is focused on them, we ask them to stay still for a moment while we click the shutter. We then combine all the images into one complete 360° photo.

Empty Scenes and HDR — Sometimes you just want to show a space as it might look on an in-person tour. When those spaces have windows, we use HDR photography to ensure that both the interior and exterior appear as your real-eye would see it — No blown out windows or super-dark shadows!


Still Images — We can also shoot still aerial photos, or interior/exterior photos with, or without people.  And we will apply the same attention to detail to staging and lighting for still photos that we do for 360° photos.

Drone / Videography

Aerial Drone Flyovers
Edited Facility Walk-throughs
Virtual Tourguides — click play, then spin the panorama
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Video has many uses in a virtual tour.  You can use it to add details to your story via testimonials or sports/performance highlights, add a virtual tour guide to help explain each location on campus, or create stand-alone aerial flyovers and video walk-throughs to post on video streaming services like YouTube or Vimeo. The Circlescapes team can:

  • Come to your location to shoot all the footage with standard cameras and/or drones
  • Edit the video to add additional content (titles, supporting text, testimonials, music, etc.)
  • Deliver a finished mp4 video for you to use as you wish.
  • Embed the video(s) in your virtual tour

As with all Circlescapes products, you own the content and can use it as you wish.

VR App Development

Virtual Reality (VR) is a great way make campus exploration even more immersive. We can build a custom VR app that your audience can download to their phones from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

When combined with a Google Cardboard headset, you can transport yourself virtually to your campus, with the ability to look all around to explore.

Google Cardboard headsets are inexpensive, and can be custom-printed with your logo to be used as trade show giveaways or direct response mailers.

VR is immersive and fun for your audience
VR simply requires a smartphone and Google Cardboard headset
Your VR app appears on Google Play and in the Apple App Store
Custom-branded VR Headsets make great mailers
Tell your story in 360° VR using videos, slideshows and more

Ready to get started?

Schedule a live demo with one of our virtual tour experts, watch a screencast demo, or give us a call at 904-383-7746 today!