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  1. Potential students might live faaaaar away!  When they can’t come take a tour in-person, give them the next best thing — the ability to explore on their own from their PC or mobile device.
  2. Students will be LIVING on campus!  They probably want to get a detailed look the living, learning and playing spaces first, right?
  3. Your website is the first point of contact!  You’ve spent so much time, energy and money making your campus look beautiful.  Small, flat photos just don’t do it justice.  Bring it to life online with with stunning panoramic images, video, music, slideshows, text, links and interactive maps!  It’s the best way to showcase your school.
  4. You will be embracing cool, modern technology!  Kids love cool things.  Virtual tours are cool.
  5. Face it, students are going to compare your website to other schools!  You compete in sports and academics, right?  A virtual tour will ensure that your campus will stand out in their minds.

Circlescapes, has created dynamic virtual tours for over 300 clients in 37 states and overseas.  Schools like Bolles, Miss Porters, Brewster Academy, Hockaday, The Hun School, Lake Forest Academy, McCallie, New Hampton, Ridley College, Westminster, Tilton, and many more trust us to make their campuses look amazing online.

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