Meet the owners, lisa and jared

Lisa Franzino and Jared Varon - owners of Circlescapes

It’s fun running a virtual tour company.

  • We get to travel a lot
  • We can work wherever we have a camera, computer, and internet connection
  • We get to create cool things that make people say “Wow” all the time
  • We get to work with some awesome photographers, designers, and programmers
  • We get to spend lots of time on the internet getting ideas and learning about new technologies and techniques
  • We get to go to some fun, exotic locations
  • We get to make our customers and their customers happy!

We also have to find clients, pay bills, worry about expenses, and those yucky things, but for the most part, our jobs are fun.

Here’s our story. . . Circlescapes Virtual Tours is the brainchild of Lisa Franzino from Portland, OR and Jared Varon from Jacksonville, FL. After working individually in creative, marketing and design environments for over 15 years, we decided to join forces and open a company specializing in high-end, really cool virtual tours. We started small, but today our little company is beginning to reach clients across the US, in Canada, and Europe. End of story.

Lisa Franzino and Jared Varon owners of Circlescapes