2014 Virtual Tour Project – NY State Parks

nyparksscreenCirclescapes will be creating high-resolution 360° virtual tours for 52 New York State parks this summer. The virtual tours are designed to be a marketing and informational tool that allows you to showcase your park’s beauty and amenities to potential visitors on their computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Click the image to the right to see the virtual tours that were completed in 2013


Project Information:

  • Each tour will feature approximately 6-8 panoramic scenes (aka – “spins”) of your choosing. Some parks will have more spaces to feature, and some will have less. Generally, 6-8 spins should take about 4 hours to capture. Once everything is set up, actually shooting time is only about 15 minutes for each spin.
  • The virtual tours will also contain slideshows with approximately 6 still images. Again, some parks will have more, some less.
  • Typical locations for spins and stills are: natural features like waterfalls, canyons, trailheads and swimming holes, or attractions like playgrounds, cabins, historic buildings, camp areas, visitor centers and other gathering places. We will do research in advance, but look to your intimate knowledge of the park to lead us to its best features.
  • The spins and stills can contain people’s faces (if they are willing) and props (i.e., a set up tent, a campfire, a picnic spread) but not all spins have to contain props or people. We will work with the resources we have on hand to create the most visually interesting perspectives of your park.

click to view the map with each color representing a route


click to view the tentative virtual tour photography calendar

  • Lisa Franzino will be the photographer for the Yellow, Green, Light Blue and Purple routes
  • Jared Varon will be the photographer for the Pink, Dark Blue, and Red routes
  • The still photographer will be Tom Doughty. He will visit all the parks in the month of July.

Please Tell Us About Your Park:

Your input is invaluable to us as we plan the schedule for visiting your parks and prepare for the photo shoots.

Please answer the following questions as best you can and submit by May 17, so the Circlescapes photographers can begin making travel plans.

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    List 6 to 8 locations for 360° panoramas:
    (flagship parks can list 10 to 12)

    List 6 to 8 locations for still photographs:
    (flagship parks can list 10 to 12)

    If you have a PDF or graphic of your park map that will help orient us, please send it via this form.

    For security, please enter the numbers you see below in the space provided, then press "send".



    If you have questions about this project, please contact:

    NY Parks Contact
    Wendy Gibson

    Circlescapes, Inc
    Lisa Franzino — 904-894-6275
    Jared Varon — 904-891-4382