Virtual Tour Project – Consulate Health Care

360° virtual tours and photo galleries are coming!

To help your marketing efforts, we are developing 360° virtual tours and photo galleries for your Care Center’s webpage.

The virtual tours will enable potential residents, patients, and their families to explore your Care Center using their computer, tablet or smartphone —  spinning the panoramas in any direction to get a complete view of each space.

The photo gallery will allow you to highlight specific details, like entrance signage, decorations, landscaping, or resident activities.

To ensure that the photography goes quickly and smoothly, we ask that you:

  1. downloadRead through the information below
  2. Download the Preparation Checklist (click the button to the right)
  3. Fill out the short questionnaire to the right, and submit it to Circlescapes!

General Project Information:

  1. For each Care Center, we’d like to shoot:
    • 3-5 panoramic photos for the virtual tour
    • 7-10 still photos for the photo gallery
  2. You decide which locations work best for your Care Center. Typical locations for panoramas might include:
    • Resident Rooms (private and shared)
    • Lobby
    • Therapy Gym
    • Dining Areas
    • Outdoor Gardens/Patios
    • Indoor Gathering Spaces/Activity Rooms
    • Nursing Station
    • Family Areas
  3. Photographers will be on-site approximately 3-4 hours
  4. Each panorama will take about 15 minutes to shoot.  The photographers will try to be as unobtrusive as possible
  5. The virtual tour and the photo gallery will be accessible from your Care Center’s webpage on the Consulate website
  6. Click the image below to see a mock-up of the interfacescreenshot

Tips to prepare your Care Center for photography

The panoramic camera will see everything your eyes do.

Take a moment and stand in each location, then look all around you.  What do you see?  Ask yourself . . .

  1. Is there too much clutter?
  2. Are the walls and floor clean?
  3. Is the view through the windows nice?
  4. Would flowers, or a plant, make the space look more welcoming?

downloadAnd remember to download the preparation checklist for more tips!

Tell us about you and your Care Center!

Your input is invaluable to us as we plan the schedule for visiting your locations and prepare for the photo shoots.

Please answer the following questions as best you can so the Circlescapes photographers can schedule your photo shoot.

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    Tell us about you:

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    If you're not available, who should we contact?

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    List 3 to 5 locations for 360° PANORAMIC photos:

    List 7 to 10 locations for STILL photos:

    For security, please enter the numbers you see below in the space provided, then press "send".



    If you have questions about this project, please contact:

    Consulate Marketing Contact
    John Andersen
    Media & Creative Manager

    Circlescapes, Inc
    Lisa Franzino — 904-894-6275
    Jared Varon — 904-891-4382