where in the world

on the road again . . .

The Circlescapes summer travel schedule is starting to take shape. Our virtual tour photographers will be in Oregon, Florida, California, Illinois and Georgia — with possible stops in Texas and Pennsylvania. Any other states want to join in the fun?

career day!

I got to go talk about virtual tours and web design at an elementary school today. It was career day, and I was mixed in with lawyers, police officers, fire fighters, chefs, nurses, x-ray technicians, and more. So how could I make my job sound cool for kids under age 10? Make a panorama of […]

virtual tour launch: select medical corporation

Select Medical Corporation runs hospitals across the United States.  They recently decided to do a pilot test and create virtual tours for 5 hospitals, located in Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Tulsa and Colorado Springs.  They contacted Circlescapes, of course.  The project was a whirlwind for us as we were in 5 cities and 3 timezones in […]

how does your garden grow?

At the Arlington Community Garden in Jacksonville, FL, located on the grounds of the Tree Hill Nature Center, it grows green and delicious! This new effort’s mission is to “grow food and community” while educating budding gardeners and setting an example for communities like theirs. Check it out. And notice the beginnings of a “square […]

treaty oak

This amazing tree in Jacksonville, Florida is over 250 years old and predates the city itself. It feels like you are walking into a room as you stand under it. It is worth a visit of you are in the Jacksonville, FL (Southbank) area. Here is how to find it. Click the image below to […]

virtual tour launch: american school in paris

Lisa was planning a trip to Paris. The American School pf Paris was planning to add a virtual tour to their website. The stars aligned and Circlescapes got the job. We worked with Final Site, a company that specializes in websites for schools, to integrate the 360-degree panoramas into the school’s existing campus map. Take […]

a fun place on the Suwanee

There’s a man named Bob who decided to build a waterpark on his Suwanee riverfront property. We’re not sure why he did it, but we’re sure glad he did.  He’s got water slides, rope swings, volleyball, karaoke, floating docks, zip lines, and trees to jump from.  Last time I was there, I shot some 360° […]

airstream village

On my wish list of things to do in life is cruise around the country in a shiny silver Airstream and document the journey with 360 panoramas. A few Decembers ago, I was fortunate enough to travel Airstream-style with a friend from Portland, OR to Santa Barbara, CA. His new 16 ft Bambi was comfortable […]

beautiful bordeaux

Bordeaux is a photographer’s dream city! These were taken from my iPhone. Stay tuned for some panoramas!

panoramific seating chart

Check out the Interactive Seating Chart featuring Circlescapes panoramas we recently developed for The Fox Theatre in Atlanta. We feel the 360 panos take the “find your seat” functionality to a new level by allowing ticket buyers to see their potential view of the stage as well as what they will see up, down and […]

virtually spiritual

Jared and I knew each other way back when we were in our single digits because we went to the same church: the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville. I guess you could consider it an “alternative” church because instead of studying Bible stories, we had classes on genetics, marine life, astronomy, Shakespeare, and whatever members […]

first time in chicago

Last month I had an assignment that took me to Chicago for the first time. We are partnering with a company called HCN – Hotel Communication Network – whose mission it is to place a “kiosk” that will replace the telephone into hotel rooms so that guests can surf the web, make calls, and navigate […]

the sun, the moon & the big red bridge

It seems like it must be in our human nature to want to capture and hold time itself. That is what we were all poised to do as we gathered on the cliff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge one recent clear, bright, full moon evening. We arrived well before “the show” in the hopes of […]