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How to offer virtual campus tours during covid-19

In recent days, schools have been asking us for tips on how to showcase their campus environments “virtually” during the global COVID-19 crisis. In the short-term, schools have been asking for a way to quickly create an online tour to replace their in-person tours. And for the long-term, they’re requesting quotes for a more comprehensive […]

360° Video Montages!

360 video is a fun way for people to explore your campus — experiencing the sights AND sounds AND movement all around them. Here are two 60 second montages we put together. Take a look, then give us call to get your own 360 video montage. The Independence School http://circlescapes.biz/TISDE/tour/360video/ The International School of Denver […]

Inspired Living launches 13 virtual tours

Circlescapes worked with Inspired Living to bring 13 of their senior living communities to life online in 360°. The communities are located in Florida, Texas, Georgia and Louisiana. Each community chose different locations to feature in tehir virtual tour, but all the tours have the same custom-branded interface design. Click the image below to take […]

Where to Feature Your Campus Virtual Tour on your Website

Our clients often ask us the best way to incorporate a virtual campus tour into their school website. Since Circlescapes virtual tours are best viewed in a dedicated browser tab, we don’t actually need to touch your primary website at all. All you need to do is add a link (or links) to your website […]

Add our panoramas to Google Maps

Whether it’s a full-blown virtual tour or a series of Google photospheres on the Google Maps platform, we can create the virtual tour you’re looking for. Below, you’ll see examples of each type. The client is the Lakeside Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Jacksonville, FL Sample: Google Photospheres embedded into Google Maps Sample: Virtual Tour on client’s […]

KU Athletics VR Tours for Google Cardboard

Circlescapes developed VR versions of the Kansas Athletics virtual tours for the Google Cardboard headsets.  The KU coaches will use the VR tours on recruiting visits, so athletes can immerse themselves in KU’s facilities, living spaces, campus and community. If you have a Google Cardboard headset, go to: http://circlescapes.biz/KUathletics/tour/vr.html.   And if you don’t have a headset, why not?! […]

Awesome VR Experiences

Can a low cost, folded up piece of cardboard make your campus shine in VR? Absolutely, with Google Cardboard! Google Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform that allows the user to look through a headset reminiscent of the ViewMaster (remember that from your childhood?) and navigate through immersive images with a tilt of the […]


Spring is in the air!  And to celebrate, we have a special virtual tour deal.  Our “ADD 3 SPINS” special is simple: Order any virtual tour package with 10 or more spins by the end of April 2016, and Schedule our photographers to visit your campus before the end of September 2016, then We’ll give […]

Austin Convention Center Virtual Tour

The Austin Convention Center Department operates two facilities in Austin, Texas — The Austin Convention Center and the Palmer Events Center.  Recently, we helped them launch virtual tours for each venue.  The tours feature 3D floor plans, room specs, slideshows, and alternate interfaces designed for various device sizes. Click the images below to see each of them […]

KU Athletics launches Jayhawks360

The University of Kansas asked Circlescapes to help them bring their athletics facilities to life online in 360 degrees.  The result?  http://jayhawks360.kuathletics.com/ This was the largest single tour we’ve ever worked on.  12 sports.  75 panoramas. In addition to giving KU fans a behind the scenes look at the athletics program they love, it also […]

3 Free Spins – for a limited time!

Book a virtual tour with 10+ spins before the end of March 2015, and we’ll give you 3 extra spins FREE!  That’s $750 bucks saved. And you’ll get an awesome 360° virtual tour that people around the world can look at on their computers, tablets and smartphones.  WHAT A DEAL! Click the coupon below to […]

Spin Some Cheer

CAMPAIGN: Spin Some Cheer THE DEAL: Partner with Circlescapes and we will donate 10% of all profits to a charity of your choice. WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: Think of someone (or multiple someones) that you think could benefit from a virtual tour. It could be a hospital, school, hotel/resort, convention/conference center, spa, golf course, […]

Virtual Tour Launch (x 52): New York State Parks and DEC Campgrounds

We are super psyched to share the latest virtual tours of 56 more New York State Parks and DEC Campgrounds. Last year, we shot and produced tours for 41 parks, and this past summer, we worked with them again to create tours for 52 more beautiful parks. Our strategy was to divide and conquer, with […]

Virtual Tour Launch: St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School

It was awesome to work with the team over at St. Mark’s Day School in our own hometown, Jacksonville, Florida. Theirs is a Premium Tour with 11 spins in and around their beautiful campus. The students were a lot of fun to work with too and we think the tour captures the academic, spiritual AND […]

Virtual Tour Update: Brandon Hall

We added some new spins to the Brandon Hall Virtual Campus Tour. Now even more of their beautiful school is online for the world to see. Thanks again, Wendy for the great day on your campus! http://brandonhall.org/tour/

Highlight your town in your campus virtual tour

We are excited by the trend where schools showcase their town center in the campus virtual tour. Face it, students who come to board in your schools will not only be immersed in campus life, but also in your community. Whether your school is situated in an idyllic rural setting, a residential community or an […]

Virtual Tour Launch – Kaiser Permanente – Southwood Location

We were honored to work with Kaiser Permanente of Georgia again to help showcase their latest newly renovated Comprehensive Medical Center (CMC): Southwood. The bright spacious facility is located just south of Atlanta. Take a look inside. http://xnet.kp.org/ga/facilitytours/southwood/

Virtual Tour Launch: Ridley College

Ridley College, is in St. Catharines, Ontario – near Niagara Falls.  We met them at the TABS conference in Boston, and photographed the school during a polar vortex cold snap that saw temperatures in the single digits (~Brrr~).  We will be going back to the school in the spring to shoot more locations.  Maybe the […]

Virtual Tour Launch: American Hebrew School

The American Hebrew School is located in Greensboro, NC. While photographing the school, a couple of things jumped out at us: 1) Their classrooms are unique. There are no desks, so the students sit around a large table and have discussions – like in a conference room. 2) Their buildings are very airy and spacious. […]

Virtual Tour Launch: Tilton School

The Tilton School is located in New Hampshire (it seems we spend a lot of time up there).  The school is beautiful, and the tour features a nifty opening video. See for yourself – http://www.tiltonschool.org/tilton_virtualtour