KU Athletics VR Tours for Google Cardboard

Circlescapes developed VR versions of the Kansas Athletics virtual tours for the Google Cardboard headsets.  The KU coaches will use the VR tours on recruiting visits, so athletes can immerse themselves in KU’s facilities, living spaces, campus and community.

If you have a Google Cardboard headset, go to: http://circlescapes.biz/KUathletics/tour/vr.html.  

And if you don’t have a headset, why not?!

Each of the 12 sports has it’s own VR tour, consisting of about 20 panoramas each.  Here’s how to view them:

  1. Browse to the link above using your phone
  2. Turn off your phone’s sleep mode
  3. Select a sport to view
  4. Turn your phone to landscape mode (horizontal)
  5. Place the phone in your Google Cardboard headset
  6. Place the headset on your head and start exploring!

To navigate the to a new panorama

  1. Look Down
  2. Place the cursor on the NEXT or BACK buttons and stare for a couple of seconds

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