corporate housing by owner (CHBO) recommends Circlescapes

CHBO logoI list my rental property on the website, Corporate Housing By Owner (CHBO). It is really the best for advertising furnished rentals and I get a TON of inquiries. Since my virtual tour really helps my ad (of course I have a Circlescapes Virtual Tour), I mentioned to my account rep that Circlescapes should be a preferred provider of 360 virtual tours for their clients. At the time, they only list one resource who had a limited geographic range.

Well, I was delighted to get an email newsletter from CHBO today recommending Circlescapes to their listing clients! In it, they state that

“81% of U.S. tenants use Virtual Tours as a resource when they are considering a rental property, while only 15% tour the property in-person.”

Many houses on the market for sale, use virtual tours these days, but unlike a house that will no longer need the virtual tour once it sells, an income property like those on CHBO, VRBO or Airbnb, can use the tour again and again. So we think investing a little extra in a quality tour, is a good move.

Virtual Tour Interface


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  1. Eric Smith says:

    If anyone would like information about adding their property to CHBO please contact me directly.

    Eric Smith

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