airstream village

On my wish list of things to do in life is cruise around the country in a shiny silver Airstream and document the journey with 360 panoramas. A few Decembers ago, I was fortunate enough to travel Airstream-style with a friend from Portland, OR to Santa Barbara, CA. His new 16 ft Bambi was comfortable camping at its best. With a three burner gas stove, heat to keep you toasty warm on those cold mornings, DWR/Ikea decor and an outdoor/indoor shower, what more could one need?

Driving from northeast St. Petersburg, FL recently, I passed display of 7 or so Airstreams buried nose down Cadillac Ranch- style and positioned like Dominoes in a row. I had to stop in at Bates RV and gawk and dream about purchasing an Airstream of my own. I took a 360 spin (below) in their “Airstream Village.”

With 50k price tags on 2010 models, it may be a while before I can realize my dream…unless I can get Airstream to sponsor the Airstream/Circlescapes Panoramic Journals…

Check it out by clicking on the image below:

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