the sun, the moon & the big red bridge

It seems like it must be in our human nature to want to capture and hold time itself. That is what we were all poised to do as we gathered on the cliff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge one recent clear, bright, full moon evening. We arrived well before “the show” in the hopes of getting a good spot to set up the tripod. As we waited, more and more people filtered in – professional photographers, weekend hobbyists and giddy tourists who looked as if they had just stumbled upon an extraordinary backdrop for the family vacation photo album.

Click the image below to see the panorama

We all lined the edges, at once giving fellow spectators a respectful girth but still angling for a better view. As the time approached, the crowd became noticeably more silent and settled – our cameras positioned and ready. Finally, like a seesaw in perfect balance, with night on one side and day- its equal partner- on the other, the moon and sun held gazes for a fleeting moment, before going their separate ways.

Of course, moments like this are incredibly hard to capture photographically, but we all tried anyway. Many of us refused to leave our stretch of railing until it was so dark it was hard to make out the shadowy beings around us. My friend and I stayed until the moon was high up above the big red bridge. It was too tempting to resist setting the tripod [foolishly] out beyond the railing on the ledge. That vantage point provided the clearest shot of the sparkling city, the glowing bridge, the yellow disc of a moon and the dark heavens as far as the lens could see.

Check out how we used this spin in our virtual treasure hunt. We’ll tell you more about the idea behind that in another blog post.

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